January 24, 2017 dschlaegel

Repurpose Your Old Smartphone: Don’t Give Up on That Old Thing Just Yet


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in a cave for the past decade or so, you will know that mobiles, and more specifically the latest mobile phones are taking over the world! They can do everything from waking you up in the morning, to help you find your way to that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to for some time, and in fact, almost everything in between.

Moreover, with technology changing and improving almost at the speed of thought, there’s always the latest mobile phones ready to replace the older ones, and in essence, entice you away from your relatively older phone. But pray, tell me, what do you do with the many mobile phones that have served you so well in the past, but are now simply relegated to lie about the house? Here’s a couple of things you could do.

For one, you can always take up one of the online mobile phone retailers on their ‘exchange offers’, and exchange your old mobile phone for one of the latest mobile phones of your choosing. This will ensure that you always spend less on your new phone, and this sure as heck beats leaving your old phone to gather dust at home.

Not quite ready to part ways with your old phone? Why not turn it into your trusty TV remote control for the house! There are plenty apps that let you do this, and in the process, you’ll never have to contend with those cheap remote controls anymore. Man, I hate those tacky remotes!

That aside, you could also turn your old smartphone into a digital photo frame! Simply activate Daydream (Android) or similar on your phone, and you can showcase your pics from your latest trips, all the live long day!

Speaking of pics, you can also repurpose this mobile phone whose time has come and gone, to be your dedicated camera on trips and vacations. This will help preserve battery life on your current phone, and of course, this will work really well only if your old phone does have more than just a passable camera.

Furthermore, you could also use your old device’s camera to serve as your home security camera, or your baby monitor! Now, isn’t that quite novel! Again, there are quite a few apps that let you do just that. So now, keeping an eye on your place, or your child is an absolute cinch!

What’s more, bibliophiles can use their old phone as a handy e-reader. Keep it at your bedside, and you can read a couple of pages before you call it a day, each night. Meanwhile, you can let your daily driver charge up for the day that lies in wait.

In addition, you could also turn your phone from yesteryear into a dedicated music machine! For this, you can wipe all those unnecessary apps and data off the phone, or even ‘factory reset’ the old thing. That done, you can upload all your music on here, and use it on your commute to work and back, or even as a trusty companion at the gym.

Failing any of these, you can always hand it off to an older family member. These family members don’t have any real hankering for the latest mobile phones or technology, and are more likely to gladly embrace some slightly dated tech. What’s more, you’ll earn brownie points for this, as well!

So, don’t give up on your old phone! Breathe new life into it with anyone of these things, or even a combination of these things! Remember, there’s life in that old beast just yet!


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