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The Power of Recognition – 3 Tips on How to Effectively Use Recognition


As business entrepreneurs we must have a vast arsenal of tools in our tool chest to achieve success. A critical tool is that of Persuasion and Communication Strategies. An essential component to this is recognition.

Recognition is essentially acknowledgment of good things people have done, and acknowledging these things at a moments notice.

Dale Carnegie wrote a book called “How To Win Friends And Influence People”. In the book he points out that “People will work for a paycheck. They will die for recognition.”

Use recognition by acknowledging people for actual good deeds. Doing so will create a special bond or trust between you and your friend, prospect and eventually potential client/customer.

Avoid using flattery as a form of recognition. Most individuals will see right through this and immediately will put up a wall as a defensive mechanism toward you.

Legitimate recognition will pay you huge dividends in the form of recognition to you. The more you sincerely recognize others for their effort or accomplishments, the more you are recognized.

Recall a time you were recognized for something and how you felt about yourself and the individual complimenting you. When you thought of this person, did you think of them positively or negatively? Positively – exactly.

Use recognition as the beginning to a strong healthy business relationship. Use these 3 tips throughout your day, and your persona in the minds of your client/customers will become brighter than a shining star.

Always when meeting with your prospect, client or customer ask about their well being and that of their partner or family. This shows you have a genuine interest in them and that you are not just looking at them as a money source.

Find out what your client wants, down deep. Ask probing questions and comment positively on what their goals and opportunities are. The more you focus on your prospect, client and customer the more they will confide in you what they are actually looking for.

Keep the focus on your prospect / client. Prepare a list of questions that focus on them, practice asking these questions until they become a habit. Why? Psychologically people love to talk about themselves. The more they talk about themselves the more they consider you to be an interesting, genuine individual who they come to know, like and trust.

This strategy is quite effective for upper and middle managers within any corporation looking to create harmony and stronger productivity from their teams. People will thrive in these types of environments and look to you as someone who they hold in very high esteem. You cannot buy that kind of loyalty, so nurture it and watch it grow to produce tremendous results for you and your teams.

Discover more strategies to build strong powerful associations in your home based business of network marketing click on the link within the resource box below.


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